Living in Truth Ministries

The Visionary


Mechelle Moore is an Empowerment Strategist. She is also the Visionary for Refiners Fire Prophetic International Ministries (2008) birthed after a heart wrenching loss, and Heart Matters empowerment group (2014) a quarterly women’s cell group that meets outside of the four walls of the church. On January 2017 while driving she had an open vision in which the Lord instructed to change the name of the ministry to LIT (Living in Truth Ministries ), That will bring forth workshops, conferences and a blog talk radio show as well as a Quarterly newsletter entitled “Living in Truth “. She is a graduate of Liberty University in 2015 with her Masters in Human Services with a concentration in Life Coaching. She is a Licensed Minister, Evangelist, and she walks in the fivefold office of Prophet. She became an ordained prophet in 2008. Many life experiences prepared her for this mantle that was confirmed on her life. After participating in a writer's class, She became a published author in 2014 and finalized her first book entitled, “Through the fire,” in 2016 through Anointed Fire Christian Book Publishing. I am anointed and appointed to write as God leads my hand as the pen of the ready writer as a prophetic scribe. Prophetess Mechelle seeks daily to become a fine tuned in instrument fit for God’s use.




Empowerment Coaching and Heart Matters Specialist